Central Illinois Pride Health Center Start Up!

LGBT Flag High Res Short

A message from our Executive Director, Len Meyer:

We are opening a non-profit LGBT medical, mental, and social support center.

During my time as an undergrad, I noticed that the medical needs LGBT community of Central Illinois are under served on a local level. The idea for the center was my Senior Capstone project and answers the need for overall medical care, mental health support, as well as, social support for the LGBT community in Central Illinois, regardless of their ability to pay.

  • E.M. is a transgender youth who has no resources at school and little to no social support. E.M.’s parents are somewhat supportive but don’t want E.M. on hormones. They have nowhere to turn for guidance.
  • B.S. is a lesbian who is asked by her doctor what form of birth control she is using, even after explaining that she is a lesbian with a long-term partner of 15 years.
  • J.K. is a transgender woman who must seek medical care for a fall. However, she has not yet changed her gender on her driver’s license. Upon going to the doctor, J.K. is labeled as a man and called by her birth name, as well as, subjected to her non-preferred pronouns.

These are everyday examples of people in the LGBT community of Central Illinois who need a safe space to have their medical needs met. The clinic will be patient-centered and will also provide care to those who are wanting to stay anonymous with their gender identity, sexual orientation, or HIV status. Along with healthcare, there will be a gathering safe space for groups to meet and support one another.

To get things moving, we are raising money to file for our 501(c)3 non-profit status. Your donation is the first step in getting our doors open! The sooner we raise the money to file, the sooner we can work toward the next level. You can help us obtain this goal by giving any amount you can afford.

Thanks for your donation for this great center!


Len Meyer

Donate with PayPal


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