Letter to Our Supporters

Dear Friends,
It’s an exciting time for the Central Illinois Pride Health Center! Since this idea began on May 27, 2016, our network of board members, volunteers, and supporters has grown and incredible progress has been made. We couldn’t be more proud of the good work that has already begun!

  • We have served 10-15 youth with an LGBTQ support group that meets monthly at the First United Methodist Church in Normal. Our first Lock-In was a success with over 15 youth participating.
  • We started an LGBTQ parents group that has over forty active parents and children.
  • We have partnered with several organizations such as the YWCA and Planned Parenthood to strategize on ways that our combined efforts can best serve the LGBTQ population.
  • We have hosted fundraisers at Chipotle and Blaze Pizza – raising almost $500. The YWCA helped us raise over $3,000 and the Eagle’s Club hosted a trivia night raising over $1,000.
  • Currently, we have donated five compression binders to trans individuals of Central Illinois.

We are now asking that you join us to keep our community open, kind, and safe for all who live here! We are so grateful for all of the requests for help right now, and we need you. One of our top priorities right now is funding. You can donate to the Center through PayPal and the link can be found under the “Donate” tab at www.cipridehealthcenter.org.

Interested in active participation? Do you have a background or interest in community outreach or fundraising? We need people willing to help raise funds for the health center and communicate with Central Illinois audiences! If you’re interested in getting more involved with Central Illinois Pride, contact me at cipridehealthcenter@gmail.com.

The last way to get involved is simple, we ask that you like our Facebook page, Central Illinois PRIDE Health Center. We will keep our supporters updated with fundraising events and activities to help promote the center through social media. Share our page with friends, family, co-workers and acquaintances. Help us spread the word!

You are a part of who we are. We are a part of who you are. Let’s keep working together, giving ourselves permission to care for each other and watch out for one another regardless of orientation, gender, color, religion, or status. We welcome you.

In solidarity,
Len Meyer
Founder and Executive Director
Central Illinois Pride Health Center
PO Box 441, Bloomington, IL 61702


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